First Grade Fun!

There's a lot to learn in First Grade.  That's great because we know that First Graders love to learn - all through the year.  Sometimes you read about something in school and want to learn more.  Sometimes it's fun to play some learning games.  That's why we created this site.  It's just for you, so you can learn and have fun!

Fall Winter Spring Summer

First Grade in the Fall

frogpad.gif (16564 bytes) Frogs and Toads!

All About Frogs

Frogs and Toads in Color and Sound

Frogs at Enchanted Learning

Strange but True Facts about Frogs and Toads

The Amazing Adaptable Frog

Froggy Fun and Games

The Froggy Page

Hungry Frog Math Game

Fantastic Frogs Quiz

Frog Calls Game


butterfly_small.gif (5253 bytes)


The Butterfly Web Site

Monarchs and Migration

Monarch Watch

Monarch Butterfly Magic

The Monarch Butterfly

Insecta Inspecta World - Monarch Butterfly

Enchanted Learning Monarch Butterfly

Emergence of a Monarch

Butterflies and Bugs

Monarch Jigsaw Puzzle

Virtual Field Trip

Build Your Own Caterpillar


flag.gif (20197 bytes)

We love the USA!

Historical American Flags

Pledge of Allegiance

United States Flag

The Star Spangled Banner

The Bald Eagle

The White House

The Statue of Liberty

Enchanted Learning - Symbols of the USA


pumpkin2.gif (18022 bytes)

Fall Harvest - Apples & Pumpkins!

All About Apples!

Apples - Just for Kids

Dole - Apple Encyclopedia

The Johnny Appleseed Story

Johnny Appleseed - Hidden Pictures

Ask AJ - the Story of Johnny Appleseed

Enchanted Learning - Johnny Appleseed

2nd Grade Johnny Appleseed Stories

Pumpkin Patch Sorting

Pumpkins at Enchanted Learning

Make a Pumpkin Face

Lil' Fingers Pumpkins

Pumpkins & More

Pumpkin Patch Poetry

Pumpkin Farm

The Pumpkin Patch


AG00157_.gif (4955 bytes)


The Seasons

Why Leaves Change Color

Why do Leaves Change Color?

EEK! A Tree’s True Colors

Autumn Leaves

Identify a Leaf

Here Comes the Sun

Enchanted Learning - Seasons

 U-Science: Seasons Reasons

Day and Night


j0303382.gif (5952 bytes)

Animal Classification!

 Arachnids - Spiders, Ticks and Scorpions


Everything About Arachnids

Enchanted Learning - Spiders

Arachnid Photos 

Animals of the World

The Animal Kingdom

Classifying Critters

Create a Food Web

Animal Classification

Animal Homes


moon.jpg (14828 bytes)

Day and Night Skies!

The Sun

High Altitude Observatory - The Sun

The Moon

Moon Map

Northern Lights

The Constellations - Stories

The Constellations - Stars

The Space Hopper Game

The Dome of the Sky

NASA - What Comes Next?


turkey2.gif (16038 bytes)

The First Thanksgiving!

The First Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Story

Thanksgiving Games

Happy Thanksgiving

Plymouth Plantation

Buffalo Hides


Sun Dance

The First Totem Pole



bear.jpg (29228 bytes)


The Bear Den

Black Bears

Polar Bears International

Grizzly Bears

Sun Bears

Sloth Bears

Spectacled Bears

History of the Teddy Bear (thanks Ashleigh!)

Berenstain Bear Country

Ted & Floppy’s Fun Page

The Teddy Bear Museum

TR and Teddy

The Teddy Bear Picnic

Paddington Bear Activity Area

Winnie the Pooh Games

Teddy Bears On Display (thanks Ms. Griffin!)

First Grade in the Winter

penguinscarf.jpg (30526 bytes)


Pete & Barb's Penguin Page

The Beak Project

KidzKorner - Bird Feeders

Penguins Around the World

Penguins - The Birds of the Sea

Waddle, Waddle Penguins

Enchanted Learning - Penguins


bird.gif (9238 bytes)


All About Birds

Birds of Prey

Nutty Birdwatcher

The Life of Birds

Bird Sounds

Bird On! Sketches


The Beak Project

What is a Bird?

KidzKorner - Bird Feeders

Bird Research Pages

Severson Dells


mlk2.gif (4948 bytes) Dr. King had a Dream!

Martin Luther King Jr. Activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Timeline

Martin Luther King's Life

The King Center

Fact Monster - Dr. King

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on the Net

Dr. King Scavenger Hunt

I Have a Dream, Too

I Have a Dream - Fill in the Blanks

I Have a Dream Speech


washington.jpg (19287 bytes)


Whitehouse for Kids

All About the Presidents

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace

The History Place - Abraham Lincoln

Mrs. Payton’s Class - Abraham Lincoln

World Almanac for Kids - George Washington

First Grade in the Spring

earthkids.jpg (8742 bytes)

Hooray for Earth Day!

Earth Album

Earth Day Booklet

Earth Day Crafts

Earth Day for Kids

Enchanted Learning - Earth Day

Funschool - Earth Day

History of Earth Day

Starfall - Earth Day


Japanflag.gif (1251 bytes)


Kidsweb Japan

Go Places with TFK - Japan

Pictures from Japan


Your Name in Japanese

Make Your Own Haiku


Sagwa Tangrams

The History of Tangrams

Virtual Manipulatives: Tangrams

Tangram Puzzles


flower2.gif (6342 bytes)

Ponds & Wildflowers!

Wildflowers in Bloom

 Wildflowers - A Closer Look

Canterbury Environmental Center - Ponds

BBC - Pond Habitat

Enchanted Learning - Pond Life

The Pond Habitat of the Frog

Creek Rescue Game

The Pond Project

First Grade in the Summer

sandcastle.gif (5205 bytes)


NOW What Can I Do?

Up to Ten


Primary Games

Children's Stories

Toon Disney

PBS Kids

FunBrain Games

School Time Games
(good games, but lots of ads)


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