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BD14578_.GIF (200 bytes)  Appearance

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbirds are about 10 inches long. 

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbirds are light gray with a white belly.   Their wings and long tail are dark gray with white patches.  They have black legs and perching feet.  They have a long, thin beak.  They have yellow eyes.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Male mockingbirds are darker and bigger than females.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Young mockingbirds are gray with spotted chests.

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BD14578_.GIF (200 bytes)  What do mockingbirds do?

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbirds like to live near the seashore.   They can live in forests and cities.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbirds live all across the southern United States.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbirds do not migrate.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbirds eat insects and berries.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbirds copy the calls of many other birds.   They copy one bird two or three times, then go to another bird call.   Mockingbirds know 25-30 different songs.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbirds fly short distances from tree to tree or across fields.  They do not fly higher than trees.

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BD14578_.GIF (200 bytes)  Mating and Babies

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Female mockingbirds build their nests in woods or thick bushes near the ground.  They use dried twigs, leaves, grass, and cotton to make a cup-shaped nest.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  The female lays 5 eggs.  The eggs are oval, light green, and spotted with reddish-brown.  While the female sits on the eggs, the male brings her food.  She sits on the eggs for 12-13 days.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbirds lay eggs 2 or 3 times in a summer.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbirds are fierce when protecting their nest.   They will swoop down on a dog, car, or other predator.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Mockingbird chicks get their adult feathers after 11-13 days.

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BD14578_.GIF (200 bytes)  Interesting Facts

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  The mockingbird is the state bird of Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Snakes like to eat mockingbird eggs or chicks.   When a snake comes along, all the mockingbirds around will attack it.

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes)  Sometimes a mockingbird will sing all night long.